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Super Bowl Spread for Colts and Bears Keeps You from Winning the Game

by Best Selling Author, Jaci Rae

Las Vegas, NV - While nothings a sure bet, there is a coach that can help you beat the spread on the bet you placed for Super Bowl Sunday. It's not Tony Dungy or Lovie Smith. This Super Bowl Coach will keep you scoring in the bedroom and you can still enjoy the game. The Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears are battling for the Super Bowl title while many couples will be battling in the bedroom before Super Bowl Sunday is over. With relationships at their seasonal stress strain, it's time to find out how the Super Bowl and football can help you work towards a better relationship and lead to a better love life.

Stop fumbling your way through relationships and start scoring points with the opposite sex. Relationship expert and author Jaci Rae says NFL football can actually improve romantic relationship and kickoff an action packed sex life.

Rae, author of Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life One Touchdown At A Time gives you the tools you need and practical advice on how to use football methodology to win at romance.

Rae explains:

  • How the team concept of sports relates to personal unions.
  • Why football doesn't have to be a seasonal drain on your relationship.
  • How to transfer the rules of engagement from the football field to your bedroom.
  • Why sharing a passion with spouse (football, movies) can add renewed meaning and intimacy to your marriage.
  • How to become a "love coach" in your own relationship.

Dr. Dale A. Helman, a neurologist in Salinas, CA had this to say, "This book is the best and only book I have ever seen that embraces men and women and does it with their interests in mind. I read this book cover to cover two times and found the information extremely useful and pertinent. It's fascinating and compelling, but most of all informative."

Laura Shigley, Marysville, MI wrote, "My mom and dad were over for a cookout and my dad (he is the epitome of strong, silent type) sat down and was reading the book!! After 41 years of marriage, this is the first book he has ever read to work on his relationship with my mom. When they were leaving he asked where he could get the book!!!"

PRODUCERS: Why not do a football-themed relationship contest show with your audience: How to Score a Touchdown in the Field of Love.

CREDENTIALS: Jaci Rae's grit and determination brought her from a poor childhood to a successful singer, writer and talk show host who tours around the world. She is a #1 best selling author, on the dating team of Savvymiss.com, relationship advisor for lovingyou.com and is a relationship advisor for loveisgreat.com. For more information: http://www.jacirae.com

About.com Dating Guide lists Jaci's book, Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life One Touchdown At A Time in the top six of all time dating / relationship books.

AVAILABILITY: Nationwide by arrangement and via telephone

Jaci went out on the streets and interviewed over 500 men and women. After two years of research Winning Points With The Love in Your Life One Touchdown at a Time (Simon and Schuster) was born!

"I am an extreme introvert and haven't had success in dating. Winning Points With The Love in Your Life One Touchdown at a Time has helped me overcome my shyness! My new boyfriend and I thank you Jaci Rae!" Not single any longer!
-- Debra Hunter - Springfield, IL

To give her book a winning edge, Jaci interviewed Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductees such as Garo Yepremian, Don Cockroft and Nick Lowery about their lives and their relationships AND included their stats and comical highlights of their careers.

Winning Points With The Love in Your Life One Touchdown at a Time is one of the top dating / relationship books!
About.com Dating Guide
http://dating.about.com/od/dating advice/ss/RelateBooks_6.htm

Ever wondered how to date a man or a woman or needed dating advice? Then read to what Jaci Rae has to say.

A few pieces of advice to start by Jaci Rae:

How can you help yourself so you can attract the right person?

  • Remember that all statements are statements of self-disclosure. You will automatically attract what you believe about yourself both consciously and unconsciously. Did you know that our subconscious mind controls 87% of our thinking? Our conscious mind only controls 13%! If you have built in your subconscious mind with your conscious talk that you aren't worthy, that's what will be projected. This exercise is to reprogram your subconscious mind.
  • The first law of attraction is: If you wouldn't date you or marry you, why would anyone else? You must love yourself first. Start out with little sayings in your mirror. While you may feel silly, eventually you will believe them and they will make you the one everyone stares at when you walk in the room. Look in the mirror and say, "You are gorgeous darling." "I love me so much!" (Throw your arms around yourself.) "I am worthy of the best!" "You gorgeous hunk!" and other affirming statements.
  • You have to be the right person naturally. You can't make yourself into the right person. You will never be the right person until you are the right person, meaning that you have to make the way you think and feel about yourself right. You have to heal yourself and fix your problems before you start one with another person. This is a hard one to conceptualize, but spend some time thinking about the order of words and you will understand fully.

"We love your book Winning Points With The Love in Your Life One Touchdown at a Time! It's loaded with really helpful, fun, intelligent & juicy examples offering information that will most certainly elevate dating and partnerships. We couldn't put it down!"
-- Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck co-founders of The Love Center

Forwarded and endorsed by famed psychologist (recently featured in People Magazine) Toni Coleman, LCSW - Here's just some of what Toni had to say:

"When Jaci Rae first contacted me regarding her new book, Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life, One Touchdown At A Time, I was intrigued and maybe a little skeptical.

Even though I am not a true football fan, I found it difficult to put this book down. Each chapter presents an important nugget of information and offers clear and rational supporting facts and descriptive vignettes all wrapped in a sports theme package.

I thought of all the women who could benefit from this book as well, because it offers great insights into how men are wired and the influence this has on their view of the world and their (at times confusing) behavior.

When every player understands the techniques and how they are executed - it unites them into a winning team. Now this is something a guy can relate to..

One of my favorite parts of this book is when Jaci talks about building friendship and true intimacy. Her descriptions of how men and women differ in the ways they seek and attain intimacy are perfectly articulated.

Her suggestions are concrete and easy for guys to implement. She emphasizes the important point that for women- intimacy is really all about the little thoughtful things that a man does, or does not do in the relationship.

One of the most important things Jaci says in this chapter is that, "Just as a football team will look for a player to replace you if you aren't fulfilling your role, a woman will draft another player into your position if you aren't meeting her basic needs in the relationship." Too many men figure this out too late in the game.

Even though this book speaks in the language of football, it will have great appeal to women as well. Here they will find a list of traits that men say can be found in an "almost perfect female." They will also get a man's perspective on the "Don't Go There Ever" woman.

Want a list of the top five things men say you should know about them? This book has it. Want to know what to say and do to keep him happy or perhaps get a view into his thoughts when you say, "let's talk?" My personal favorite is the list of "top five things that women do that make you crazy or get on your nerves." Fasten your seatbelts ladies- this is a great ride.

Jaci also offers many ideas and suggestions on ways to spend quality time together, how and where to meet the woman or man of your dreams and how to help your relationship thrive. Again, she gives concrete and practical tips that are sure to offer something to every reader. This is a book I would highly recommend to every man and woman who is interested in improving and/or deepening his or her intimate relationship...

Speaking to the guys out there, I would say that finally there is a book on relationships that won't leave you feeling like you've been dragged to another "chick flick." To the ladies I would say, "read this and you will never again have to ask, why do guys act like that." In addition, he will be impressed by your incredible knowledge of football."

Jaci Rae's latest No. 1 Best Selling Book, Winning Points with the Woman in Your Life One Touchdown at a Time
(Simon and Schuster)

Click here to find out more from Amazon.com

Jaci Rae is The Dating and Relationship Expert people go to if they want to make their relationship and dating world rock!

Jaci Rae is The Dating and Relationship Expert people go to if they want to make their relationship and dating world rock!

Jaci is the dating coach for IgniteRomance.com, on the dating team of SavvyMiss.com, the relationship expert for LovingYou.com and is a relationship advisor for loveisgreat.com and singlescafe.net.

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