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The Year Without Cyberspace

by No. 1 Best Selling Author, Jaci Rae

The hustle and bustle was all around;
All the creatures were stirring with deafening sound.
With years of Cyberspace at the touch of their fingers;
No one could foresee the dangers that lingered.

Faster and faster each year they would go;
Till the fastest connection seemed way too slow.
No longer did anyone need company around;
Who needs a friend when there's so much to be found?

With the children all snug away alone in their beds;
Happily playing with visions of death scenes filling their heads.
Laptops, television and computer game boxes at hand;
Parents don't need a babysitter, there is no demand.

No longer are they children, but miniature adults;
Being thrust into a world filled with lust and cults.
The family table holds nothing but dust;
And the living room center is no longer a must;

In a house that no longer holds family traditions.
Sharing family stories isn't an appealing addition;
A night with a storybook, who needs to read out loud;
With books that read for you, two is a crowd;

Social skills are lacking in a solitary world of confinement;
Manners aren't necessary, no need to refine them.
Then suddenly one year Cyberspace disappeared;
And the roar from the crowd could be heard far and near.

Suddenly people didn't know what to do;
And sitting alone, they each cried boo hoo.
As each day passed the crowd thought the end was here;
But Cyberspace was lost, and didn't reappear.

Slowly the isolated crowd came together;
To share their thoughts, not talk of the weather.
Having not seen a human in quite a long time;
They struggled to find at least a few ties that bind.

The elders came out of their bedrooms with care;
To share how it used to be and to compare.
How the family unit was today versus then;
And what fun they would have with just paper and pen.

A time when the family played games on a board;
And the family table held more than power chords.
When camping meant fires, guitars and no phones;
And being on vacation didn't mean faxes and ring tones.

When family and friends were cherished, not a commodity;
And talking with your neighbor was more than an oddity.
With Cyberspace gone everyone decided to give it a try;
This old-fashioned way, when the Internet didn't apply.

At first it was hard, no one knew what to say;
But soon it caught on and for more than a day!
Suddenly the violence so often on the street;
Calmed down to a hush and thuggery saw defeat.

No longer was it necessary to lock all your doors;
Visiting with family was no longer a chore.
Family and friends now gathered all the time;
To share special moments without any crime.

When Cyberspace was restored and crept back inside;
The parents cried no, you could hear it worldwide!
So with careful discretion they allowed its use;
But with strict supervision and no way to abuse.

And so without all the clamor or deafening cries;
The world became better, no one could deny.
Cyberspace is an asset to that I confess;
But without limitations, it leads to a mess.

Peace on Earth -- Good Will To Men
Copyright 2006 Jaci Rae and North Shore Records, Inc.

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